The Rational - What Are They Like?

View of God, Scripture and the Church of the Rational group

People in the Rational group may or may not participate in an organized religion. They may or may not even believe in God. The major way these folks differ from the Faithful group is that they have taken it upon themselves to question what they believe and have not been afraid of coming up with an individual decision that could place them outside their social group. If the decisions these people make should place them outside their group, they have no particular fear of leaving.

Rather than feel obliged to accept the whole of their religion in its entirety, these people will pick and choose parts to accept and parts to reject. If there is something in the sacred writings of their religion that they can't see as being true, they will feel no need to abide by it literally.

So these people are more individualized than those in the Faithful group. The Rational are not prone to evangelizing but they tend to be continually interested in seeking further truth.

These people have great faith in science and, whether they believe in God or not, people in this group would be very happy if only a scientific answer about our existence (or God's) could be found.

The Rational do like to think they have the real truth so, whatever their view of God or reality, they tend to be fairly certain they are right, even as they continue to seek further truths.

Locus of Authority of the Rational Group

People in the Rational group tend to rely on their own decisions and their own instincts. If something their church teaches does not sound right, they may freely reject that part of their religion. Or they may take it to the extreme and reject all of religion. The point is that they do not need a source of authority coming from the outside. For answers they rely on their own powers of observation and reasoning. They are self-governing.

I have not found this in the literature, but I also believe it is safe to say that this group has a more positive view of mankind than the Faithful. i.e. they do not assume that without strict rules all of mankind would degenerate into depravity. Rather, they assume that others are at least as "good" as they are and are capable of making their own rules, if only they would do the work involved in determining their own values.

Needs of the Rational Group

This group seems to fall about half-way between the need for certainty (that they have answers that are right) and the need to keep seeking further truth - in the full knowledge that just around the corner could be a truth that will upset their current view of reality. Upset to their current view of reality is not nearly so devastating to a Rational as it would be to a Faithful. For this reason, you will not hear the Rationals shouting loudly in opposition to any threats to their religion or other aspects of their worldview. For them, the truth is more important than security.

Individual integrity is more important than sticking to the group. These people do tend to be more heavily involved in social causes than the others.

Worldview of the Rational Group = Worldcentric

People in the Rational Group tend to hold a worldcentric worldview. Broader than the ethnocentric worldview of the Faithful, or the egocentric worldview of the Lawless, the Rational holds all people as being important. Hence the greater interest in social action.

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